Construction companies

M/s. Eagle Construction Co. had been formed in the year 1981 under the Leadership of Mr. Udhav M Rupchandani as a Partnership Company. Later in 2011 it was converted into the Limited Company as Eagle Infra India Ltd.

The Company is a class '1-A' established contractor with various government departments and is accredited with ISO 9001-2008 and has successfully completed various projects.

Construction companies


  • Name of Work: Rehabilitation and up-gradation of NH-66 (Erstwhile NH-17) from Km.205.400 to Km.241.300 (Parshuram Ghat- Arawali section) to four lane with paved shoulder in the state of Maharashtra under NHDP- IV on Hybrid Anuuity Mode.
    Cost of Project (In Cr): 670.00
    Department: Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (NHDP-IV)

  • Name of Work: NAG-149 Construction of two laning with paved shoulders for package HAM: Hyrid Annuity NAG 149 Dist. Wardha in the state of Maharashtra under MRIP on Hybrid Annuity Mode.
    A. Kharangana Masod Kondhali Sawargaon Chincholi road km. 0.00 to 35.800
    B. Rohana Wadhona Karanja Jalalkheda Mowad to state border road km.39.500
    Cost of Project (In Cr): 155.92
    Department: Public Works Department

  • Name of Work: Construction of 4-lane (Partial Access Controlled) Laddowal Bypass from Km 0.00 km to Km 17.041 Linking NH-95 with NH-1 via Laddowal seed Farm at Ludhiana in the state of of Punjab on Hybrid Annuity Mode.
    Cost of Project (In Cr): 392.00
    Department: National Highways Authority of India

  • Name of Work: 1. AM-1-A: Improvement to Roads for Pilgrimage Centres Aundha Nagnath & Mahur in Nanded and Hingoli District, (Yavatmal Dist. Border to Shembal Pimpari Pusad Gunj Mahur) (SH-257,SH-51,SH-265) Length 61.450 Km.
    2. AM-1-B: Improvements to Roads to Join Taluka & District Places in Yavatmal District (Digras Pusad and Darwha Ner)(SH-257) Length 50.173 Km.
    3. AM-1-C: (i) Improvement to Roads Joining District Place in Yavatmal District (Yavatmal Kolambhi Ghatanji) (SH-316,SH-267,SH-273) Length 42.848 km (ii) Improvement to Roads joining two Taluka Places in Yavatmal District (Pandharkawada Shibla Zari Jamani, SH-273) Length 34.896 Km.
    4. AM-1-D: Improvement to Roads Joining two District Places in Yavatmal and Washim District (Yavatmal Darwha Kupta) (SH-282 & SH-290) Length 62.630 Km.
    5. AM-1-E: (i) Upgradation of Roads joining two District Places in Washim District (Kupta Mangrulpir) (SH-282 & SH-290) Length 19.26 Km (ii) Upgradation of Roads joining Two Taluka Places in Washim District (Karanja Manora) (Sh-287) Length 35.24 Km.
    Cost of Project (In Cr):1163.30
    Department: Public Works Department, Maharashtra